Here I am.

“Oh Jesus Christ . . . NOW he thinks he’s God!”

I know that’s what some who read this are now thinking.

“Here I am” just means that I am here . . . NOT that “I AM” like “The Great I AM” in the Bible.

I mean, c’mon, Man! I KNOW that I’m NOT God. Sheesh! Give me SOME credit, will ya?

I’m just a narcissist, that’s all, albeit a HAPPY one.

I know I’m not God. I used to did, but now I don’t . . . but THAT’s another story for another day, maybe after we get better acquainted. OK? OK.

“LORD have mercy!”

6 responses to “Here I am.”

  1. Glad to see you took my advice ! Love one of your Big Sisters Susan

    1. Me too, Suzi Q, ME too!

  2. It’s very hard to figure out how to sign up for email alerts! Finally figured it out (I think!). Good to see you here!

    1. Good to see YOU here, Lori. Thanks for finding the way to subscribe to email alerts. Others have also told me that this site isn’t very user friendly. I hope that I’ve now fixed that. I put a big ol’ “SUBSCRIBE HERE” box on the title page now, and I think each post has it at the top and bottom now too. See ya in the funny papers!

  3. Oh the places your mind goes brother ❤️

    1. It truly IS amazing, isn’t it, Suzi Q? How do you like the Ray Charles? Touch of class, huh!

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