“You’re no narcissist.”

“I was married to a narcissist,” she said, “and YOU are no narcissist. Narcissists are mean bastards.”

“Well,” I said, “just like there are mean drunks and happy drunks, there are also mean narcissists and happy narcissists . . . and I’m a ‘HAPPY NARCISSIST” whose only mission in life is to spread love and good cheer! But, incidentally, ALL men are bastards, aren’t they?”

She laughed.

Mission accomplished.

4 responses to ““You’re no narcissist.””

  1. Keep on blogging

    1. Will do, Suzi Q. Please share me with your friends!

  2. Here’s Johnny Avatar
    Here’s Johnny

    You, sir, are most sincerely a narcissist. But keep on bloggin’!

    1. Thank you, Johnny. Now share me with your friends!

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