After All

“After All”

“Happy 42nd Anniversary,” Sweetie!

When the young people this week have all told us ”Congratulations!” and then always also asked, ”How do you make it to forty-two years?” and I’ve honestly answered, ”Just don’t die and don’t get divorced,” you’ve more beautifully added, ”It’s Love and Forgiveness and Grace!”

And my possibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ, then whispers to me in His still, small Voice, ”She’s right you know, you really should listen to her more often . . . and maybe let her do the talking too sometimes!”

As the wonderful Al Jarreau would sing,

“And the Love that heals the wound

After the war is through

is the Knight in armor bright

Faithful and True to you.”

I know now that I can never fully be that “Knight” for you no matter how hard I want to be. Jesus IS.

But oh I am so glad . . . and grateful . . . that, ”After all . . .

I will be the one to hold you in my arms!”

Karen, I still LOVE you so!

Love, me

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