“How Does It Feel?”

How does it feel?

Ah how does it feel?

To be on your own.

With no direction home.

Like a complete unknown.

Like a rolling stone.

OH GOD he’s singing about me.

Fucking rain!

Fucking blisters!

I can’t even fuckin’ feel my fucking feet!

Fucking shoes!

What the FUCK am I doing here?

I’m fucking wet to the bone!

Fucking HELL!

HOW the fuck did I let them talk me into this shit?

GOD! PLEASE . . . lead me . . . to do . . . Your Will!

Smile, Stupid, SMILE!

Hello, Mam, how many dozen children do you have here?

My God! YOU ARE DRENCHED! Come in out of the rain! Would you like a cup of hot tea?

Uh, yeah, sure, thank you. I can only be a minute. Would you be interested in . . .

Here’s a towel. Sit down. My name is Blossom, and this is Janet. We were just now praying, Excuse me, please, while I fix us all some tea.

Blossom stepped into the small kitchen beside the living room, and Janet pounced,

“What do you know about Jesus Christ!”

Jamaican Jesus

2 responses to ““How Does It Feel?””

  1. Yes! We’re all in this state without the One who can straighten us out! Even Dorothy: “There’s no place like home.”

    1. As I recall, the freakin’ running shoes that I bought just for this door-to-door sales job that entailed so much walking and which gave me horrible painful blisters on both my feet that I had to simply walk through until I could no longer feel the pain were a dark maroon or “ruby red,” if you will. True story!

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