Is YOUR Soul For Sale?

Sold Out

We enjoyed the 81 year old Bob Dylan’s ””Rough And Rowdy Ways” concert last night, but far more than that, Karen and I enjoyed meeting a brand new believer in Jesus Christ who is now sober from drugs and alcohol for over a year and writing a children’s book about bumble bees and crooked sticks and is so full of joy and spiritual wisdom that it’s almost too hard to believe it’s true.

But it IS true . . . just like He IS True.

We met Leace, a new graduate of the San Diego Rescue Mission, who was treating herself to a matinee at the Hillcrest Theatre at the same time that Karen and I were waiting there for the theatre to open at 12:15 p.m. so that we could see the same movie that Leace had come there to see!

We ended up treating Leace to the matinee and a big bag of buttery popcorn too. Leace asked ”How could you do that?” We all laughed when I said, “It’s all HIS money!”

Leace is simply trusting God every day for what He wants her to do with her new found sobriety and oceans of talent. Leace said that Jesus told her to “Write!” So far, Jesus has provided her a new laptop computer to write on, a meeting with San Diego’s Mayor as an advocate for San Diego’s thousands of homeless people, and now Karen and me who know many people and agencies who are working with homeless souls who are also battling substance abuse!

When I told Lease that I am also being moved to write lately by my “possibly imaginary Friend,” Jesus Christ, Leace said, ”Imagine THAT, one brand new writer who is writing about Jesus just happening to meet another new writer who is also writing about Jesus!”

Yeah . . . imagine THAT!

I just wrote earlier today about how Jesus is the only Person out there who is buying the souls of men, women, boys, and girls, and that He pays for all these souls with His Own Blood . . . just like He did Leace’s soul and mine and also Karen’s . . . and Robert Zimmerman’s too, for that matter.

How ’bout YOU, Dear Reader . . . is YOUR soul for sale!

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  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    Already bought…glad you are enjoying the life HE planned for you

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    1. Me too, Bro . . . me too.

  2. Beautiful, fantabalastic! Lovely tears clearing my foggy morning eyes. 🌄 I enjoy my coffee with Jesus every morning and wouldn’t have looked at a blog before finishing my bible study. But I came here safe, well-knowing my Lord exists in thos place. I could easily hijack this blog with tap-danxe shoes and a tambourine! I’ll beehive though. What a joy you are. Miss Karen gave me a hug that I now keep in my heart. Peace n love, Leace.

    1. Karen and I thought we were going to San Diego to see Bob Dylan . . . but it seems that we went there to meet YOU, Leace!

  3. tenayaveritasvoxcom Avatar

    Praise God for meeting new believers who are now new friends! I’m curious though, what movie did you see?
    I love the rabbit trails you take us on in your blog, Mark. Keep going…..

    1. “Cha Cha Real Smooth”

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