“A Message . . . From The Great Beyond . . . “

This bit of a song lyric wafted through my consciousness . . .

“A MESSAGE came back from the Great Beyond . . . “

and I couldn’t finish it!



Nothing came to me.

But the lyric just kept repeating itself, “Message came back from the Great Beyond . . . “

Frantic to know, I sifted my brain . . . or what’s left of it.

“Message came back from the Great Beyond . . . “

Who wrote that?

Paul Simon?

Frank Zappa? It kinda sounded like a lyric Zappa might have written.

WHO was it???

And far, far more importantly, WHAT was THE MESSAGE!

I knew somehow that in this moment of quiet revery that I’d been experiencing that the universe . . . or it’s Maker . . . was trying to tell me something . . . something I NEEDED TO KNOW . . . trying to communicate to me some great Truth!

I HAD to KNOW . . .

as well as TO BE KNOWN by this great Truth!

“Message came back from the Great Beyond . . . “

Was it Bach?

Or maybe Beethoven?

Oh now I could tell that I was just guessing . . . getting both desperate and nowhere!

Although there was indeed something transcendent, mystic, and eternal promised by this lyric . . . if it had been either of those two giants, I’d have been remembering something in German, wouldn’t I?

“Message came back from the Great Beyond . . . “

Then God in his mercy finished the verse for me.

“There’s fifty-seven channels and nothin’ on!”

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  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    Is that why we read the Bible…sounds Dylanish

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  2. That’s right, Bro. Read your Bible and then THN in THAT order.
    Bruce Springsteen wrote this song thirty years ago. NOW there’re too many “channels” to count . . . and STILL nothin’ on!

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