Return Of The 99 Red Balloons

Remember when the threat of nuclear annihilation was all so 1980s?

You know Dr. Strangelove meets Ronald Raygun?

Well, everything old becomes new again, huh?

At least an obscure German rock band once gave us a great song for dancing through the coming apocalypse.


4 responses to “Return Of The 99 Red Balloons”

  1. I also remember hiding under my desk at st Mary’s practicing for the bomb drops…I love you and hope you stay safe

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    1. Don’t hide, Bro! DANCE!

  2. Since 99Opportunities inspired this post, may I take an opportunity here to say that I just released Bumblebees and Crooked Sticks to God through my advocate (for her to peek at), and then she’ll delivery it to another lover-of-Jesus for editing. I handed it over with a prayer, in the name of Jesus Christ. 🙏

    1. YOU can ALWAYS take an opportunity here to say anything you want, Sistah Leace, ‘especially ‘cuz we KNOW that you like to dish GOOD GOSSIP about our possibly imaginary Friend. We can’t wait to read your book. We want to buy a bunch of them! 😎🥰❤️

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