Slow Train Comin’

Our country changed today.

It fundamentally changed on this the 24th Day of June in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Twenty Two.

In one day it changed . . . just like it did on January 22, 1973, when we became a people who instantly became ruled by a mere five out of nine unelected judges.

Today, we are once again a free people with a republic for our form of government . . . “if we CAN keep it,” as wise old Benjamin Franklin once warned us over two centuries ago at our nation’s birth.

The best among us on all sides of a heart-rending and country-tearing controversy that is far from over have learned from one another over the last five decades and, by God’s Grace, may yet use this knowledge to cobble together some kind of workable compromise that will finally heal this great rift in our nation’s soul.

The worst among us will try to steal, kill, and destroy . . . to burn it all down around us . . . just like the Devil who would infect and possess anyone’s heart who will let him would have us do to one another.

To those of good will on all sides, I say, may we come together at long last to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and care for the helpless and FREELY GIVE of ourselves so that we may all share these Blessings of Liberty while they are still ours to enjoy and to share.

This our prayer . . . this our hope . . . this our call . . . this today.

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  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    I did not understand the device that the 1973 court used to support its findings wondering where that right came from and do not fully understand this Courts ability to assign states duties differently in the gun issue and the abortion issue other than the conclusions supported certain agendas…like you I pray for our country as my parish priest has asked the knights to help keep the feared protests at Masses this weekend…we need to as you say clothe the naked,feed the hungry and worship God as he has taught us to do…I love you brother…we need to keep our churches open and pray that His will be done…speaking of your imaginary friend…

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  2. In my possibly imaginary Friend’s Name we pray, Big Brother. Amen!

  3. However I signed last time Avatar
    However I signed last time

    I’m afraid you’re too late.

    1. “Better too late than never,” is what I always say, being habitually “too late!” 😜

  4. One meal, one pair of socks, one prayer at a time. 🙏

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