Can A Great Divide Ever Be Bridged?

My old friend . . . that’s “friend” with a small “f” . . . Frank Schaeffer who won’t even answer my texts or emails anymore once told me that he doesn’t really believe the hard left stuff that he pitches today like he once pitched so hard the right wing stuff he once wrote about in screeds like “A Time For Anger.”

However, he sure can articulate a very laser-focused political analysis even if it is paranoid as all get out, which you can watch at the link below.

I pray for a majority of good-willed Americans on all sides to finally come together and work for our common good now that we are free to do so again.

Probably, I’m the “idiot” here . . . but I think that “my possibly imaginary Friend” . . . that’s “Friend” with a capital “F” . . . is pleased with me, nonetheless.

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  1. Texting will always be my least fave form of communication cuz emotions are lost in these tiny boxes. 🙃 So God gives us Emoticons. (I’m pre-coffee so I can’t mustard or relush yet.)

  2. Amen, Sistah Leace! 🙌 Thank God for emoticons! 😇 I really can’t remember HOW we ever communicated without them! 😜 How ‘bout that GROOVIEST Beatles video EVER!! 😎 Wasn’t THAT a FANTASTIC message for our times just like it was some 60 years ago! ☮️❤️✝️🙏🏻

  3. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    Your imaginary best friend with a capitol F is the only one any of us must please…we elected one president because people hated hillary and elected the next president because people hated trump…our nation was founded on compromise and prospered and grew because of that word…it is not ugly or evil and must be returned or the great experiment is doomed to failure…let’s root for the home team. USA..

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  4. Right on!
    Right ON!
    RIGHT ON! 😎

  5. I seriously don’t get the ‘imaginary” part. Not in my walk, anyway. The realm I have recently entered into is more intelligent and physically superior to the place I existed before I knew Jesus. You’re not imagining your Friend (with a capital F.) He’s quite real.

    1. I call Jesus “my possibly imaginary Friend” for the reasons I explained in an early post entitled, “What A Friend.” It’s kind of between Jesus and me, and He tells me that He “gets” it. At least, I think He tells me that. I think He gets it. I guess I’m gonna have to wait to finally be sure when I see him face to Face . . . I guess.

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