Painting With Bob Ross’ Grandson!

The King
Bob Ross’ Grandson & Me
Bob Ross’ Grandson
Bob Ross’ Grandson’s Bride
My Own Beautiful Bride
“His Head In The Clouds”
Me, Karen, Keith, Laughing Debbie, Lovee & Daniel aka “Bob Ross’ Grandson”

5 responses to “Painting With Bob Ross’ Grandson!”

  1. tenayaveritasvoxcom Avatar

    I like Karen’s painting the best. 🎨 Nice job, Karen! ♥️

    1. Me too!
      Julia said I should title my painting, “NOT a finger!”

      1. tenayaveritasvoxcom Avatar

        Julia is right on! I agree.

  2. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    As you know from face book…this reminds me of your willingness to try new adventures like the river dance

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    1. You really, REALLY WANT my River Dance, don’t ya, Bro! You GOT IT!

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