Me & Brad . . .

we share so much in common . . . or, at least, I’ve always thought so.

Doppelgänger ME ?

News comes that “Brad Pitt suffers from prosopagnosia.”

If you’ve never heard of and can’t even pronounce “prosopagnosia,” it’s the inability to remember someone’s face or, therefore, name, and, obviously, ANYTHING about that person standing before you.

Brad recently explained to GQ magazine that he often struggles to remember new people and he worries that people think of him as “remote, aloof, inaccessible and self-absorbed”.

A light bulb went off over my head when I read this.

“Yea . . . THAT’s the ticket!” I said to myself.

If only more people were aware of prosopagnosia, more people could be helped.

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2 responses to “Me & Brad . . .”

  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    I can still remember faces and when I see them I now who and what they are it’s only their names I can’t recall… I must have just a mild case…people don’t remember e as aloof or old

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    1. Your spelling makes me think that you are merely dyslexic, Bro, and since you report that you CAN recognize faces AND that people DON’T think of you as aloof, I’d have to say that you presently do NOT qualify for membership in the “Me & Brad Club.” But don’t despair, if you can get Brad to recognize you, then YOU will be in, and Brad will be out-ed! 😜

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