Brad & Me & The Anti-Prosopagnosia Society

I want to start a new charity to help find a cure for prosopagnosia, the latest celebrity disease.

Prosopagnosia is why Brad Pitt says that he doesn’t seem to notice you even if you are standing right in front of him and trying to tell him how big a fan you are of his.

However, not only celebrities catch prosopagnosia. I myself think that I might have a touch of it. It seems to be going around all of a sudden these days.

At the very least if there is no cure, then EVERY DOLLAR raised should go to make the life of one patient who is suffering from prosopagnosia, either real or only imagined, just a little bit easier, a little less sad.

Our slogan will be: “Won’t YOU give a buck to beat prosopagnosia . . . the dreaded disease that no one knows how to pronounce?”

I know that prosopagnosia poster boy Brad Pitt doesn’t need your money . . . but I sure do!

Please give.

Disclaimer: No proceeds were raised and/or expended in the making of this blog post. Any similarities between real persons identified and/or named herein are entirely coincidental and exist only in the writer’s vivid imagination.

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