Now Jen & You!

Holy Crap!

It’s coming in waves now!

Oh NO! NOT Jen Too!

This thing is really starting to snowball.

First Brad and now Jen! Who’s next? Angelina Jolie?

We really must mobilize and galvanize and, even, tyrannize . . . if it comes to that . . . to stop this dreaded disease of PROSOPAGNOSIA . . . the ailment that dare not speak it’s name . . . probably because even it doesn’t know how to pronounce itself, huh!

But enough with the wisecracks already.

“Can’t you be serious for one minute?” I ask myself. “SNAP OUT OF IT, Man! Our very stars are falling!”

Now I’m serious, my fellow Americans. Please give to the “Brad & Me & Jen & You Anti-Prosopagnosia Society” before it’s too late and we can’t even recognize OURSELVES in the mirror anymore!

Disclaimer: Again no proceeds were raised and/or expended in the making of this blog post. And any similarities between real persons identified and/or named are entirely coincidental and exist only in the writer’s vivid imagination.

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  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    Nobody has a more vivid imagination than you my brother…

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    1. Thank you, Bro. I think it’s all the drugs they gave our Mom when she went into labor with me and I was born substance exposed, combined with some I added in my misspent youth, mixed with whateverthehell I let the government shoot into me to excite the COVID19 I have swimming in my veins thanks to the Communist Chinese. THAT’s probably it, huh?

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