Political World

We live in a political world where love don’t have any place.

We’re living’ in times where men commit crimes, and crime don’t have a face.

You know how many years it’s been since The Bard first sang those words?

Thirty three years . . . like the age of Jesus when we crucified Him.

There’s a lot of talk these days about losing our democracy in these United States of America . . . the place we were born and raised . . . the place we say we love and so often hate.

What if we already lost it, our democracy, that is . . . not our minds, but . . . yeah, that too.

Oh chuck me in the shallow waters before I get too deep . . . or is it choke me . . . either way, huh?

Maybe . . . maybe I’m just losin’ my religion here, a lovely Southern euphemism for . . . for what?

Oh no . . . I’ve said too much . . .

We used to know the way, if not The Way.

We used to be the generation . . . my generation . . . that won’t get fooled again.


What happened . . . HOW THE HELL did it ever come to THIS?

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  1. Joe’s Email Avatar
    Joe’s Email

    Greed…taking sides…no compromise…only caring about yourself…Forgetting about living how God taught us and wants us to live

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    1. Yup, which ultimately leads to . . . red balloons, huh.

      1. Hey Everybody, my big brother just sent me this article he read today in his morning newspaper with the headline, “Difficulty Recognizing Faces? You May Have Prosopagnosia.” He said that he almost spit out his coffee!

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