“You look around . . . and you see . . . a world that cannot be made sense of . . . [and] you either raise your fist . . . or you say, ‘Hallelujah!”

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    I enjoyed every single one of those versions. I’m particularly fond of Pentatonix. I love their harmonies. And the instrumental piece with the violin and sax was beautiful. But the Kathleen Rodgers with the school choir singing a Christian rendition was very moving also. And it said the video was unavailable, but I clicked on the YouTube link anyway. Thank you, Mark. These were lovely. I could have listened to a lot more.

    1. “Hallelujah!”

      I had such joy, Sister, putting together this compilation that was inspired by the new movie that Karen and I are going to see this weekend and by this song that we and all the world have come to love and appreciate . . . and yet was such a scandal when the young artist first released it half a century ago.

      At first I was upset with how the children’s choir singing re-written lyrics telling the Gospel didn’t appear with the rest of the videos when I pressed “Publish,” but then I loved how that highlights this special version and makes the viewer have to want to see it and take the extra click to get there.

      But old Leonard really nails his own song! I’m glad that I saved him for last.

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        I agree about LC. He was a genius. Love that song.

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    Joe’s Email

    As sister Maria Goretti said to me at the opening Mass of the basilica in downtown Phoenix where the Eighth grade classes from all of the valleys catholic schools were bused in to sing the songs of the mass…Mr Hessinger do you want to make this Mass beautiful? Yes sister I whispered…then she said “don’t sing…I have prayed silently since that moment. I cannot carry a tune…at ENMU I had many friends from the music department and they tried to help but I can only sing in my heart.

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    1. Great story, Bro!
      But Sister Maria Goretti was wrong.
      Sing just the One Word, “Hallelujah!” Brother . . . which as you know means, “Praise the LORD!”
      Go ahead and sing it out loud, as well as in your heart. No voice . . . or soul . . . in all creation can muck that up.

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