The Last Confession: Chapter One, ”Bless Me, Father . . . “

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned . . . I think I killed a man.

What!  What are you saying, my son.

My wife’s doctor, Father.  I shot him in the chest when he opened his front door.  He raped my wife when she was pregnant! I had to do it, Father! I had to kill him.

Are you serious?  Did you really just shoot someone?  

Yes, Father!  Yes I did.  He looked so surprised . . . and scared!  I needed to see that look in his eyes, that fear that he had, the same fear she must have had, that fear that I had when I was a boy and our neighbor raped me!

When did this happen?

Just now, Father.  I ran all the way here after I shot him!  He slammed the door so fast that I think the other two shots hit the door . . . but I saw my first shot go into him . . . into his chest . . . into his heart, Father!

Why?  Why did you come here?

Because I don’t want to go to hell, Father! Please help me, Father . . . I have sinned.

“I don’t want to go to hell.”

[Disclaimer: Events and people described may have been based on something that happened somewhere by someone, but mostly sprang from the writer’s own creative imagination. Names used are not the real names of any real person and any similarities the reader might see between the fictional characters described and any real person living or dead are merely coincidental and are aberrations in the reader’s own imagination.]

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    John Grisham’s novel a time to kill looked at crimes and penalties

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    1. Thanks for the comparison to Grisham, Bro, but I’m NOT THERE . . . yet! 😎

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