The Last Confession: Chapter Three, “Well, I’ll Be Damned!”

Well, I’ll be damned!

What is it, Doctor?

This patient is both the unluckiest and also the luckiest son of a bitch I’ve ever operated on in my life!

How’s that?

The bullet heading straight for his heart got deflected by the steel sutures that I put in his valve transplant last week and diverted the bullet out his left armpit!  What’re the odds of something like that!

A bazillion to one I bet!

[Disclaimer: Events and people described may have been based on something that happened somewhere by or to someone, but mostly sprang from the writer’s own creative imagination. Names used are not the real names of any real person and any similarities the reader might see between the fictional characters described and any real person, living or dead, are merely coincidental and are aberrations in the reader’s own imagination.] 

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    Well I’ll be double damned

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    1. It COULD have happened. MIGHT have happened too, in fact! 😎

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