The Last Confession: Chapter Eight, “Rusty Cage”

Priscilla was also born beautiful.

Her perfect little oval baby face encased by a shock of jet black hair and alabaster skin with ruby red lips and emerald eyes caused everyone who first saw her to catch their breath, and as she grew into her beauty that first impression she left on people never changed.

When Marcos first saw Priscilla in their freshman year of high school, it was love at first sight. Priscilla felt the same way for Marcos. He was her six foot tall, handsome Romeo, and she was just the right height on him so that she fit into his body perfectly as a beautiful Juliet. Everyone knew that they were made for each other.

At first they were shy classmates getting to know each other’s names and then they became “just friends” at school. But everyone around knew that they each belonged to one another and so no other guys ever approached Priscilla and no other teenaged girls ever even tried to tempt Marcos.

When they began dating, it was like an old-fashioned, chivalrous courtship. They both came from traditional Spanish backgrounds where this was a time honored way for two to become one, and they followed the increasingly difficult ritual perfectly to the end . . . just barely. By the time they reached their wedding night, two weeks after high school graduation, they almost burst into flame together. And that was the best sex the two would ever have again.

Having possessed her body, Marcos almost immediately grew disdainful of Priscilla, like Amnon did Tamar in King David’s house. From then on, the infrequent sex the two had was rushed and over with by Marcos before Priscilla even began to feel pleasure. How Priscilla became pregnant by Marcos is an explanation best left to statisticians. But it did happen. Dolores was Marcos’ child. Priscilla was at first too chaste and then too terrified of Marcos to ever stray. She took to meeting her physical needs herself, at first envisioning Marcos and her on their wedding night, and later other lovers in other scenarios, at first just a few, then hundreds and then thousands.

But even in her fantasies, Priscilla never thought of leaving Marcos.

She knew that if she ever did Marcos would hunt her down and kill her.

[Disclaimer: None of this ever happened. Stop thinking that it did. It’s mostly all made up. If you think that you recognize some real person or event, you don’t.]

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    If I was ever granted my license back and if I ever practiced again and if I had a jury…you can bet that I will explore the music tastes as they grew…watching you and our other siblings it amazes me about our differences which have but one common theme…the music of our era and the groups or artists we listened to…you can know me just listening to “It’s all right “by JJ Jackson and or the “Hot buttered Soul Album by Issac Hayes

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    1. “But it’s ALL RIGHT!”

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