The Last Confession: Chapter Nine, Brown v. Illinois

In 1968, a murder suspect named Richard Brown in Chicago, Illinois, was climbing the last flight of stairs to reach the rear entrance of his apartment when he saw inside his residence a man holding a gun that was aimed right at Brown’s head.

“Don’t move,” the intruder told Brown from inside Brown’s own home . . . which as the saying goes was supposed to be his castle . . . “You’re under arrest.”

“Yeah,” said another man who came up behind Brown and stuck the barrel of another gun against the back of the startled homeowner’s head, “You’re under arrest.”

Being Chicago, the two police detectives may have also beat the crap out of Brown, but that’s not in the written opinion by the United States Supreme Court about the murder case in which Brown’s likely shit-pantsed confession was used against him to later obtain his conviction but only after it had been sanitized of any taint from his illegal arrest by the reading to him at the station house the new so-called Miranda Warnings to remain silent and to have a lawyer present during questioning that had been announced and then imposed upon these United States of America by that same criminal-coddling United States Supreme Court just two years before in their landmark decision Miranda v. Arizona.

In Brown v. Illinois, our nation’s highest court basically told our nation’s cops, “NO, Dumbasses! You CAN’T just bust into a suspect’s house, point your guns in his face, probably beat the crap out of him too, it being Chicago and all, arrest the poor, miserable schmuck without probable cause, probably beat him up again down at the police station to wring a confession out of him, and expect us to uphold THAT just because you read him our Miranda Warnings before you kicked him in the groin again while he lay crumpled up in the fetal position on the station house floor whimpering almost incoherently but clear enough for you to say that you heard him say, “I did it,” because THIS is America, goddammit, NOT Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia, you stupid, STUPID shits!” Or words to that effect.

Now Mac had to try to get the finally more conservative, law and order United States Supreme Court under Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist to reverse the Brown decision in order to get Marcos Duendes’ confession back before he had to try this shit case for the second time without it.

“Please, Lord Jesus, help me!” Mac prayed as he started to write his petition for writ of certiorari to that United States Supreme Court.

[Disclaimer: What’d I tell you? None of this happened, or mostly didn’t happen the way it’s written here. And no one you know or are is written about here, Moreover, the Justices of the United States Supreme Court don’t talk like their opinion is paraphrased herein or, at least, they don’t talk like that in their written opinions that are published in the law books. Damn your eyes! ]

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    Not everything in the good old days was good nor was it necessarily bad either like life our perceptions are so where in the middle and formed by our previous experiences and likes and dislikes….in the fall of 1962 my English teacher mr Cutter met me in the hallway where I was always late…he said joe let’s try something when you come in I will start an argument about your forever tardiness then I will physically remove you from the class…then we will ask everybody to write what they saw…friends of mine wrote how I was picked on and those who liked Cutter and or didn’t care for me wrote that I was being an asshole…I never forgot this…everything is in the eye of the beholder clouded by his or her experiences and prejudices…in Chicago,Zaragoza ,Haslett or Yuma…

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    1. I’m betting, Bro, that you WERE an asshole, and I picture you yelling, “DAMN your eyes!” over your shoulder to your classmates who didn’t care for you as Mr. Cutter hauled your tardy ass out of his English class. GOOD for Cutter!

  2. I am getting lost in translation……….ha

    1. Elucidate, Sistah Suzi Q! Please do. I need the feedback. 😎

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