The Last Confession: Chapter Fourteen, “BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!”

Marcos had hung out in his shiny black low rider mini pickup truck with the black camper shell for days in the parking lot of Dr. Ugliski’s office, waiting to see Dr. Ugliski leave and drive home so Marcos could follow his target to where the filthy pig lived. He wasn’t going to confront Dr. Ugliski at the office with so many witnesses around. When he never saw the doctor at his office after several days, however, Marcos grew inpatient and went inside to ask if this was Dr. Ugliski’s office.

“Yes,” said the receptionist, “But Dr. Ugliski is home recuperating from recent surgery that he had. May I help you?”

“No,” Marcos responded. “He delivered our baby when I was stationed away out of state in the army, and I wanted to personally thank him for taking such good care of my wife and baby. May I ask his address so that I can send a card and flowers or some gift.”

“Oh, THAT’s so nice of you!” answered the receptionist. “Dr. Ugliski would so appreciate that, but you could just send the card and gift here, and I’ll be sure to send it to him or just give it to him when he comes in to sign our paychecks on Friday.”

“OK.” Marcos said. “I’ll do that.”

On Friday, Marcos waited in the parking lot until he saw Dr. Ugliski come to the office with Dr. Ugliski’s wife beside him.

“She’s pretty,” Marcos thought. “He likes them pretty I see. I wonder if she knows what kind of man she married?”

Marcos followed Dr. Ugliski home at a safe distance and saw where he lived.

The next day at around 8 a.m., Lil’ Eddie drove Marcos’ truck to Dr. Ugliski’s neighborhood and dropped Marcos off one street over. Lil’ Eddie was supposed to wait until Marcos came back after he made Dr. Ugliski confess his rape of Priscilla to Marcos and in front of Dr. Ugliski’s wife too they hoped. Then Marcos’ family honor would be vindicated, and he would also probably extort a payoff from Dr. Ugliski for not going to the police with the confession.

Lil’ Eddie handed Marcos the method of persuasion, the untraceable snub nosed .38 revolver loaded with hollow point .357 bullets after Marcos got out of the truck and pulled up the hood of his sweatshirt to shield his face from prying eyes.

Ten minutes later, when Lil’ Eddie heard three shots fired in quick succession, he panicked and fled the area at a high rate of speed which neighbors later described to the police.

Marcos dropped the gun and ran for his life. He ran to were Lil’ Eddie was supposed to be waiting for him, and when he saw that his friend had deserted him to his fate, Marcos just kept running.

Marcos ran clear across town all the way to St. Thomas Catholic Church in an effort to find Monsignor Rusty who had married him and Priscilla about three years before so that he could confess his murder of Dr. Ugliski and, hopefully, save his own soul.


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    How many times have our getaway plans been blown up by not being where we are supposed to be or meet?

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    1. I dunno . . . how many times did YOU shoot your wife’s doctor, Bro?

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