What happens if you know that you need help but don’t really want it?

Pepper & Salt

For instance yesterday whilst enjoying a beautiful dinner with my beloved in the town in which we’d honeymooned another lifetime ago and sitting at a patio table for two under a half moon over San Diego bay with interesting people strolling by just a few feet beside and below us, one such interesting person happened to be an attractive young woman dressed California style in practically nothing whose spaghetti strapped, backless, cocktail-napkin-fronted top almost lost her right bosom out the side just as she strolled past my peripheral vision even as I was then gazing into the deep blue eyes of my still beautiful bride.

The young woman had deftly caught her errant mammary to prevent any further stray flashing, especially of that portion of her anatomy that in the good old days would have been lawfully required to be covered by at least a little round tiny strip of pasted on fabric.

”Did you see THAT!” I quietly exclaimed.

”See WHAT?” asked my beautiful bride of forty two years.

After I had quickly explained to Karen whilst looking past her to see if the young woman was going to be alright and not suffer any further wardrobe malfunctions, Karen asked me a simple but transcendently psychological, philosophical, metaphysical, and, ultimately, spiritual question,

”Why’d you look?”


There really IS no good answer to this question, is there?

4 responses to “HELP!”

  1. Because you’re old, not dead?

    1. Thank you, Counselor. YOU’re hired! 😎

  2. As a lawyer you should know to never ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to…fo example “ did you see that”

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    1. The real question that I didn’t ask was was, “Did you just see ME!” 😎

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