Original Hippie

The Original Hippie Jesus of Nazareth once said “Consider the birds of the air and how your Father feeds them though they neither toil for nor sow the very food they find to eat . . . and consider the lilies of the field who your Father clothes in the finest apparel that not even the kings and queens of this world can match in splendor.”

Back from our too-soon-over weekend in the city of our greatest joys, San Diego, California, I wonder why I’m going to work right now in a few minutes when all I want to do is hit the beach, live there like a bum with my beautiful bride of now forty two years, and write my books and these frequent installments of The Happy Narcissist.

Why Not?


How much longer can I afford NOT to?

Jesus IS calling . . .

6 responses to “Original Hippie”

  1. When did you learn to surf…and don’t worry if God calls Karen will help you answer…I believe she has enjoyed your ride…

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    1. “Everybody’s LEARNIN’ how!”
      JUST WAIT ’til I take Karen SURFIN’!

  2. tenayaveritasvoxcom Avatar

    YOLO! Just Do It

  3. Amen.

    1. IT’S UNANIMOUS in this straw poll! WOO HOO!

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