The Story Of M.E.H.

Well, I’ll be damned . . . some of the more astute and regular readers of The Happy Narcissist may have noticed that there are actually THREE books being written at the same time herein: “Beg Mercy;” “The Last Confession;” and the great, grand panorama of my life, “The Story Of M.E.H.”


Inshallah, I will finish all three in the very near future and then burst onto the literary scene . . .

Already a legend
The unwashed phenomenon
The original vagabond . . .

and THEN everybody will know that Joan Baez wrote her masterpiece for ME . . . and NOT that other guy!

5 responses to “The Story Of M.E.H.”

  1. Dream, Dream, Dream

    1. You’ll see, Suzi Q. YOU’ll see. 😎

  2. What other guy?…I thought only you live in your mind…how do you keep it in check?

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    1. Lil’ Bobby Zimmerman, Joanie’s teenage crush. What evidence have I given of keeping things in check! 😜

      1. And my eyes are also “bluer than robbins’ eggs.” So me and Dylan share THAT in common . . . In addition to the love of Joan Baez. 😎

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