My $105 Breakfast Burrito

What would you do for a great breakfast burrito?

In Yuma, Arizona, we LOVE our Mr.G’s!



“OH SHOOT!” (Only I didn’t say, “SHOOT!”)

And NO I was NOT texting, NOR inebriated in any way . . . just dreaming too much about my favorite Machaca & Egg Burrito from Mr. G’s, I guess.

I was just supposed to go to the store for the stuff so Karen could make Julia’s favorite Boston Creme Pie birthday cake, and leaving the store I remembered that I hadn’t had breakfast yet before we had to go to church in an hour . . .

Now what?

The ancient Greeks told of sexy sirens who lured distracted sailors to their doom on the rocks around the islands in the Mediterranean Sea.

However, there’s nothing about a delicious breakfast burrito seductively calling some sad sailor’s name.

But just look at “her,” Folks!

Who wouldn’t risk life and limb for a big bite of THAT.

Even fully clothed she still has the power to make your mouth water . . . doesn’t she?

Thank God there are still HEROES out there just like in all the ancient myths!

2 responses to “My $105 Breakfast Burrito”

  1. A Klondike bar maybe ,lbut a breakfast burrito in Yuma’s heat before Church…well as The Beach Boys sing”God only Knows”

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    1. SO SAYS the man who once rolled the family station wagon trying to roll up the front passenger side window in Dad’s new 1963 Ford Falcon Futura when you were in college after making a run to get a Taco Bell Burger that you then said saved your life!

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