How ‘bout this?

God commands us to love Him with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength AND to love our neighbors as ourselves.  

Therefore, God commands us to love Him, our neighbors, and ourselves.  

Therein, lies the problem . . .

because we don’t know God,

we don’t know our neighbors,

and we don’t even know our true selves, the actual person each of us really is as God first envisioned us to be before we were yet born, before sin, even before creation.

Jesus MUST reveal Himself to us.  

Jesus MUST show us our neighbors.  

Jesus MUST even show us our true selves.  

One Day, Jesus will give us our real names it says in the last book of the collection of ancient books we call The Holy Bible.

For now, we take stabs at life and love and knowing . . .

and that’s about the best we can do until Glory.

I think.

9 responses to “GLORY!”

  1. I think this is the kind of post you are best at.

    1. Thank you, Mary Frances.
      It kinda all depends on which side of the bed I roll off which kind of post gets written. I hope you listened to Rich’s song. If you come visit us this winter, we’ll take you to see Leonard’s masterpiece of folk art out in the Mojave desert ninety minutes from our house that’s pictured above. I never met Rich Mullins before he died, but I believe I will meet him one day in Glory. I did get to meet Leonard Knight on his last birthday before he went there too.

      1. John and I got to meet Leonard on his final birthday. Here’s a nice interview a local news reporter made.

      2. And here’s Leonard in his prime from Sean Penn’s film about Christopher McCandless, “Into The Wild,” about which John wrote his master’s thesis. Penn shot this completely unscripted scene with a hand held camera following behind his actors, and Leonard didn’t know that he was going to be in a major motion picture. He was just being himself with some visitors to his proclamation of The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. Glory,Glory,Glory…God has revealed himself to us…he is all love and he wants us to love Him back…I’m not sure about my neighbors or myself but I read your blogs looking to discover who YOU are.

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  3. Good LUCK with that, Bro!

  4. 👍

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