Crazy Good Writer

All writers are crazy . . . just like everyone is . . . but writers show it off more.

My ADHD meds aren’t working, so I quit taking them with my doctor’s approval who then wrote me a referral to go see a good local certified psychiatric nurse practitioner in town whom he recommends.

I don’t want to do that. What if she figures out the answer to the question that I’ve avoided answering for the last six and a half decades, “WHAT’s your problem, Man?” I don’t want to know THAT. Some things are better off left unknown in my opinion. Knowing one’s “problem” can lead to possibly uncomfortable changes, can’t it?

I don’t think I need a shrink . . . I just need a good editor.

Did you ever see the movie “Genius” about a young, struggling Thomas Wolfe and his beautiful relationship with Maxwell Perkins, his editor at Scribner’s publishing house? If you haven’t, you should watch it without distractions sometime on your favorite movie streaming platform. It’s wonderful.

Jude Law who plays Thomas Wolfe brilliantly and Colin Firth as his mentor editor Max Perkins create such art together. Laura Linney as the noble, long-suffering Mrs. Perkins and Nicole Kidman as Wolfe’s wealthy older adulteress benefactor round out the cast. Just go watch it. That’s all the set up I’m going to do.

No, Suzi Q, I’m not comparing myself to Thomas Wolfe, nor declaring myself a “genius” . . . yet . . . THAT still waits to be seen.

I’m just saying that sometimes creating art, even just trying to do so, appears to some a mad pursuit.

And anyway, we all LIKE lunatics, don’t we?

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