The Last Confession: Chapter Eighteen, “I Called ‘Silent Witness.’”

After Detectives Johnson and Contreras had closed the door of the interview room with Priscilla Duendes, she surprised them both when she immediately blurted out, “I called ‘Silent Witness.’ My husband must NEVER know.”

“Uh . . . of course, Mrs. Duendes,” assured Detective Johnson. “Of course he will never know. We can promise you that.”

“How did you know that he shot Dr. Ugliski?” Detective Contreras asked.

“Because he told me that he did.” Priscilla answered.

“Whoa.” breathed Detective Johnson. “When did he do that?”

“About thirty minutes before I called the witness hotline.” she said. “He came home this morning dripping with sweat, and he told me that he had just killed Dr. Ugliski, and he put his hand over my mouth when I started to scream and he choked me with his other hand so that I couldn’t breath, and he looked right into my eyes and swore that he would kill me too if I ever told anyone. When he went to get a shower, that’s when I called ‘Silent Witness.’”

“Even if we wanted to use you as a witness, Mrs. Duendes, the law wouldn’t allow something told by one spouse to another.” said Detective Johnson. “We’re going to have to get him to confess to us himself. But, don’t worry, your husband will never know. In fact, we’re going to tell him that you told us nothing except that you have no idea who would have called ‘Silent Witness’ to say that he shot Dr. Ugliski. OK?”

“OK.” said beautiful Priscilla Duendes as she looked into each of the two detective’s eyes one after the other with a pitiful desire that made each of them want to protect her if it cost each of them their own careers . . . or self respect . . . or families . . . or even their very own lives.


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