Final Intermission (Even I Don’t Believe Myself): Higher Ground

Whether Stevie Wonder’s great hit “Higher Ground” is about reincarnation or self improvement or about being “born again” like my possibly imaginary Friend highly recommends, it’s a damned find song, ain’t it?

Here’re four of my favorite renditions in descending ascending order to my most favorite . . .

Well alright, Ms. Alicia Keys, that’s not bad . . . in fact, it’s pretty good.

What you got, Red Hot?

OK. I can dig it. Buff banger boys with a badass bass . . . OH HELL YEAH!

AND THIS is The Wonder here his own bad self . . .

BUT THE BEST in my meaningless book belongs to these Blind Boys!
Sorry, Stevie . . . OLD DAWGS RULE!

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  1. AND ABSOLUTELY FREE at no extra charge, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine,” more Blind Boys with Miss Mavis Staples . . .

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