My (Im)possibly Imaginary Friend

A longtime very, very GOOD friend and mentor who is a huge Bob Dylan fan and recent devout convert to Roman Catholicism called me yesterday morning out of the blue to tell me that it irks him when I refer to Jesus Christ as “my possibly imaginary Friend” and wanted to know WHY I do that and to encourage me NOT to be “sowing seeds of doubt.”

I told him the origin of my coining this one of the myriad of Names for Jesus Christ and that I didn’t think that I was sowing “seeds of doubt” but, rather, just the opposite.

I also reminded him that I told the story of all this in an early post on The Happy Narcissist that was entitled “What A Friend.” He said thay he didn’t remember that post, and I said, “That’s OK, I’ve come to realize that NOT everyone hangs on my every word like I do!” We both laughed at that truth.

We talked some more and laughed some more, agreeing to disagree about whether or not my impious piety was an effective form of evangelism.

I said that my spiritual gift is prophesy and that prophets are often a pain in the ass and piss everyone off. Being heavily involved in politics, he asked if I had a prediction for the upcoming elections. I laughed and said that my spiritual gift is only interested in things that matter. We both laughed and agreed that in our lifetime of election cycles, not much has improved and has only led us all to what soon may be nuclear annihilation if not also Armageddon. To which thought I prayed for us both the ancient Christian prayer, “COME LORD JESUS! Come quickly! And when You do Return, please find us all FAITHFUL in your Fields of Harvest!” To which prayer, my dear old friend said, “Amen!”

He suggested that I start calling Jesus Christ “my (im)possibly imaginary Friend,” and I told him that I would think about it.

He said that he’s sure that it bothers God when I call Jesus Christ “my possibly imaginary Friend,” and I said that God hasn’t told ME that. He said that “Maybe He’s trying to tell you through me.” I laughed, remembering Balaam’s ass but didn’t voice my thoughts, saying only that I’d think about that too.

I said, “You know that this conversation is just inspiring another post on my blog, don’t you?” He said that he knew that. I told him that I’d leave his name unmentioned, and he said that he would appreciate that.

What some somewhat irked callers maybe don’t know or fully appreciate is that writers LIVE for moments like this!

4 responses to “My (Im)possibly Imaginary Friend”

  1. I like “(Im)possibly Imaginary Friend”!

  2. Karen told me the same thing and I told her, “Good! You and my unnamed mentor (and now Lori) can use it!” ❤️

  3. I like possibly imaginary friend because it’s a jab at unbelievers. I’m contrary like that. I like jabbing. But I guess impossibly imaginary friend has the same effect.

    1. Welcome aboard, Kathy!
      And YOU are NOT as contrary as you like to pretend, and I know that you LOVE “unbelievers” as much as does our possibly impossibly imaginary Friend! ❤️

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