Soli Deo Gloria


I never wanted to be a lawyer, but I didn’t trust God to provide for my family if I went to seminary like I had prepared to do during my undergraduate studies. How I got to that crisis of faith is a story for another day. I went to law school instead of seminary and the rest, as they say, is history . . . or, maybe, legend, as the case may be.

But all I had really wanted to do, and still want to do, is tell people all around the world about my possibly impossibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ.

I graduated from the Arizona State University College of Law in 1989, graduating in the top of my half of the class, as I like to tell people. 

I clerked for the Arizona Attorney General’s Office in Phoenix until I finally passed the bar exam for the second time, albeit the Arizona State Bar disagreed with me about the first go around and adamantly asserted their disagreement by denying my “Hail Mary Pass” appeal in 1990.  But God got me in the second time around, which is also a great story for another day.

I thereafter began my legal career as an Assistant Arizona Attorney General in Criminal Appeals, where I really, REALLY loved the gold-plated tin star badge in a cool leather wallet-like carrying case that they issued to me but then they made me give back when I left that office to become a Deputy Yuma County Attorney prosecuting drug cases and, later, major felonies, before switching to the juvenile court after I was volunteered to go there following a heated discussion with my supervisor during a tense three-week, six-defendant gang shooting trial that I nonetheless successfully completed in the year 2000. 

But I got back at my old supervisor by loving the Juvenile Court so much that I eventually became supervisor of the section when the Yuma County Attorney added an additional prosecutor.  

I later retired from the office and also from the practice of law, or so I thought, in 2013. 

While in the Juvenile Court, I worked on both the Juvenile Law Section of the Arizona State Bar, as well as the Arizona Prosecuting Attorneys Advisory Council which awarded me their prestigious Arizona Prosecutor Of The Year Award one year, a true fact that still astounds everyone who knows me.

Both the Prosecutor Of The Year Award, as well as the mounted gold plated tin star that the Yuma County Attorney let me keep upon my retirement from that office hang on the wall of my current office where anyone who doubts this biography can come look at both of them. 

Pirates’ Paradise

Having failed at early retirement, I became an Assistant Yuma County Legal Defender in 2015, where I served my adult criminal defendant clients well and also filed so many motions to examine the competency of all those who I thought could not understand the proceedings that the State of Arizona had filed aainst them and/or assist me in their defense that I was soon offered the opportunity to resign, which offer I proudly and gratefully accepted in 2016.

After this, my now lengthy legal career returned full circle when I again became an Assistant Arizona Attorney General representing the Arizona Department of Child Safety in the Juvenile Court where I have faithfully and gratefully labored for the last six years, another fact that astounds all those who know me. 

But whatever good thing that I have ever done or will do in this still-lengthening legal career, I did it ONLY by the Grace of God and the Prayers of His Saints.

After losing many of my marbles in 2020 when COVID19 caused worldwide government imposed self isolations and, especially, in 2021 when that Communist Chinese gift to the world tried to kill me and my beautiful bride and, failing that by God’s Grace, left it’s nasty imprint in our brains, I began obsessively texting family and friends at often inconvenient hours of the early morning until a clammer arose that I start a blog to tell my stories, which I did do this year and which now circles the globe and, for all I know, also ventures out into the vastness of the universe.

To my great surprise and also delight, the main and likely eternal subject of my writings is NOT me but my possibly impossibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ!

To God ALONE be Glory!

“I N R I”

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