Brother’s Keeper?

Yesterday, The Happy Narcissist was chided for sending his post unsolicited to a couple who had never received one before.

The scolding came not from the couple themselves but from a mutual friend who was on the group text and who has received posts from this blog before, probably all of them.

Being the gentleman that he is, The Happy Narcissist begged pardon for his petty presumption. No response from anyone has yet been received.

My friendly critic didn’t indicate whether it was the content of my unsolicited post, which happened to be about the Grace of God in sending us His Son, Jesus Christ, or just the fact that my post was unsolicited.

But really, how offensive could it be either way when sent to grown adults that it required such correction?

For the record, I HAD paused for a split second before sending yesterday’s post to a group that included one regular reader and two not yet so blessed people, and my possibly imaginary Friend about whom I wrote didn’t tell me NOT to press “Send.”

Which begs the question,

”Am I my brother’s keeper?”

One response to “Brother’s Keeper?”

  1. The answer is “Yes.”

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