“If they don’t, they SHOULD!”

Yankee Stadium

Let’s pretend that you are watching Game One of the American League Division Series between the storied New York Yankees and the ridiculously-renamed Cleveland Guardians with your beautiful bride of forty two years.

And let’s pretend that Game One is being played in New York at the new Yankee Stadium and the announcers keep yammering on about how beautiful a night it is for baseball but how bad weather is on the horizon for Game Two.

And let’s further pretend that your beautiful bride of forty two years turns to you and asks with all sincerity, “Don’t they have a roof over Yankee Stadium?”

And let’s finally pretend that you had given your bride’s honest question a second’s consideration (instead of an immediate incredulous gasp) and had then lovingly answered her back, “I don’t know, Sweetie . . . but if they don’t, they SHOULD!”

What a wonderful, WONDERFUL WORLD this would be!

3 responses to ““If they don’t, they SHOULD!””

  1. Let’s just pretend that I slept in the dog house last night and that I wrote my way out!

  2. Although I don’t remember saying this, apparently the dismissive answer I gave was, “OF COURSE IT DOESN’T [leaving unsaid, she said, my implied “STUPID”], YOU should know. We visited the old Yankee Stadium which the new Yankee Stadium was modeled after.”

    The thing I said about having had visited the old Yankee Stadium was only my flailing attempt to undo the damage I knew that I’d already done.

    It was too late.

    This morning I enlisted Art Garfunkel’s help in wooing back my beautiful bride’s affections.

    Thank God we have Bible Study this Thursday night and won’t be able to watch Game Two anyway. ❤️🙏🏻✝️

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