WHO the hell KNEW?


October is ADHD Awareness Month.

It’s actually supposed to be in January . . . budump BUMP!

In recognition thereof, here’s a fine article that I could have taken the time to write myself,

but . . .

well . . .

you KNOW!

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Al Jarreau, The Patron Saint Of ADHD

4 responses to “WHO the hell KNEW?”

  1. Anyone else wanna go waltzin’ in the garden? https://youtu.be/AD7PQySHAZc

  2. Since I also have ADHD, just seeing the length of that article you linked was overwhelming to me. #cantdoit #mybrainwillhavetoomuchtoprocess #sorrynotsorry 😛

    1. Just look at the pictures in the article while listening to Al Jarreau. https://youtu.be/hhq7fSrXn0c

      1. That’s a good idea, Mark. 🤪

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