I wrote something once that started out as one thing and turned into something else during the writing, something more confessional than I had intended to write and more philosophical than most people care to read.

I called it “Everyman.”

You think you see me . . . but you don’t.  

I’m NOT invisible.  I’m as “out there” as the “life of the party” . . . or the “wall flower,” for that matter.  

But I only reveal what I choose to reveal and that’s true even for what I reveal to myself.  

You see (no pun intended), I don’t even know myself, only what Jesus has slowly revealed to me over the course of my lifetime with Him.  

I don’t even know my own name, for crying out loud, but neither do you, Dear Reader.   

Jesus said so, Himself.

In the last of the collection of books that we believers in Jesus call The Holy Bible, Jesus says that He will give all those who are His a white stone on which is written our true name. So until that Day, I guess, we all go by aliases.

My greatest need is to be known for who I really am and loved because of, or in spite of, that . . . whichever it turns out to be.  

To be KNOWN AND LOVED is my greatest longing and need . . . or, at least, I think it is.   

You are most likely the same.  

“NO!” you say, “Your greatest need is to deny your ‘self’ and selflessly serve others just like Jesus does.”

Oh what the hell does THAT even mean?

If THAT is my greatest “need,” it sure as hell isn’t my greatest “longing” . . . at least NOT as well as I know myself.

But here we go again.  

My dog just ate my tail.  

How’s THAT for metaphor?

“Shane, LOOK OUT!”

I’m tired of The Happy Narcissist . . . and he’s tired of me . . . and all my family and friends are tired of the both of us.

The Happy Narcissist did what he was created to do, and now it’s time for him to “ride off into the sunset” or “Son Rise” maybe is better.

Maybe some day he’ll be back. Maybe not.

Either way, “Vaya con Dios,” Dear Reader.

Vaya con DIOS . . . “my possibly imaginary Friend.”


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