I Believe In Jesus Christ.

Because I’ve referred to the historical person of Yeshua Hamaschiach as “my possibly imaginary Friend,” much to the surprising consternation of some family and friends and the utter indifference of most everyone else, I want to make the record clear in case this is the last thing that I ever write on this Subject . . . or write period.

Let me first say this . . . I met a man . . .

I met a man who walked on water
Who wore His crown like a blue collar
I met a man who treated children
Like they were ambassadors to The Kingdom
If I saw the world in Your eyes
Would it help me understand
How You see through all our lies
Still You hold us in Your hand
I’m dying to believe
I’m trying just to show
That we’re less than perfect
More than flesh and bone
People climbing trees to catch sight of You
Broken and blind searching for the Truth
We’re crippled by our fears and torments
Oh, Son of Man, have pity on Your servants
I wander and I want
Squander the riches of Your Love
It’s never enough for me
Oh, take this poverty
And nail it to the Tree
And all that’s captive shall go free
I’m free

I’ve come to learn that some readers won’t click on the songs that I intersperse with my posts.

Well, if that’s you, Dear Reader, you are missing the best part.

For any who care, please let me assure you . . .

Do I believe that Jesus Christ IS Who the collection of books that we call The Holy Bible says He is?

Have I placed all my heart’s trust in Him to forgive me all my sins by the selfless and sacrificial shedding of His Blood on His Cross?

Do I believe that because He had no sin of His Own that Our Father in Heaven raised His Only Begotten Son up from the dead by the Power of His Holy Spirit?

Do I have faith that one Day this mysterious One in Three Creator of all will also raise me from the dead to live forever with Him and all who are His the Eternal Life He has already given me as a Gift of Grace completely unearned by anything that I have ever done or not done and also impossibly understood?

Finally, do I believe that the Risen Jesus Christ is LORD OF ALL and that He LOVES me with an Everlasting Love and that He is both present with us who are His and also coming back soon to judge the living and the dead and that He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me?

The answer is “YES!”

I believe . . .

“Christ IS Risen! He IS Risen indeed!”

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  1. Dear Reader, This now concludes the story about how Mark Edward Hessinger, aka, “The Happy Narcissist,” came to believe in Yeshua Hamashiach. It is only one small part of The Glorious Story of Jesus Christ, my possibly impossibly imaginary Friend. There are other stories to tell, as you know, because I’ve left two unfinished in the pages of this one, but I suspect that Jesus will be at the center of those stories too . . . if I have anything to say about it. https://youtu.be/tqEa1Uo9UZc

  2. Amen

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