Our Neighber Santa Claus

“Santa’s” name was “Fred,” and he lived across the street from us.

Our grandchildren, Aron and Zoe, believed in “Santa,” because they saw him almost every day and would wave “Hello, Santa!” and he would see them, chuckle his trademark, “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and wave back at them.

One Christmas, we partied with “Santa” at the old Das Bratwurst Haus to raise money for the Salvation Army and Toys For Tots.

Afterward, we gave “Santa” an authentic German Bier Stein with his face on the mug . . . or his mug on the stein . . . however you want to say it.

We made “Santa” cry he was so happy!

Das Bratwurst Haus isn’t there anymore . . . and neither is “Santa.” He moved away to a retirement home a couple of years ago, and last year our jolly dear old friend died . . . and we miss him so.

But “Santa” believed in Jesus Christ.

So we know we’ll clink bier steins again one day, probably with Jesus providing the toast!

And if you read your Bible, you know THAT’s no joke.


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