“When You’re Hot, You’re HOT!”

This will be a case of “TMI,” but I HAVE TO tell someone.

I was heading to the Men’s Room when I saw that someone had brought to work a big ol’ pot of chicken pozole!

You KNOW how much I LOVE POZOLE.

I asked if I could help myself to some pozole for lunch, and everyone said, “SURE, ‘Mister Amazing!’ You KNOW how much WE LOVE YOU! Help yourself.”


I helped myself to a big bowl of delicious, lovely chicken pozole that someone’s Mexican Grandma had made for everyone at work!

Then you know what?

I saw a little bag of tepin pods to crush over the soup to add some extra spice AND HEAT!

I had fun pinching a few pods into the flakes that I would normally just shake out of a little packet onto my food.

Then I took my bowl of pozole to my desk to enjoy just as soon as I could go to the restroom, which was where I was originally headed, if you recall.

After I took a leak, I washed my hands, returned to my desk and got ready to ENJOY my homemade pozole that was still hot and calling my name.

When I sat down, my lap exploded into flames!

At least THAT’s what it felt like when the microscopic residue from the chili pods that I had crushed over my soup did what chili pods are supposed to do and make ANY thing they touch muy, MUY CALIENTE!”

As I write this with a numbness in my nether region that won’t go away, I have no time to go home and take a shower.

Instead, I now have to conduct a trial via internet video in Tucson and then drive to court here in Yuma all before I can go home and hose my “self” down!

I think to myself, “Am I A MAN or what!”

THIS is why everyone at work calls me, “Mister Amazing!”

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  1. Oddly enough, one faithful reader asked me how the chili pods got in contact with my nether region. Maybe there is no such thing as “TMI” in this day and age!

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