Sometimes . . .

Sometimes I think that everyone is better than me.

And sometimes I think that everyone is worse than me.

And then sometimes I think that everyone is just like me.

Sometimes . . . I wonder which one of these three is the worst.

[PS: The photo of “Grandpa Walking On Water” was taken by our grandson Aron who gets paid a cool Benjamin for every time Grandpa uses one of his photos on this blog under a licensing arrangement that Uncle John negotiated for Aron with the good professional advice, “Never give away your art for free!”]

2 responses to “Sometimes . . .”

  1. I can answer that one for you, M. Us living in Yuma, it’s definitely not the first. (Yuma sets a very low bar.) As for door no. 2, Absolutes like “Everyone” should almost “always” (another trick word) trigger a negative response in multiple choice tests. For safety and sanity, I would pick door no. 3, although certainly not literally. (Dare I say, “Thank God?”) Rather, “Everyone is just like you in that rarely are they concerned about what you’re concerned with. They’re concerned about their own grandkids, their own “Helen,” and–let’s face it we’re all getting up there–prostates. Finally, as to which is worse, that depends on their positions in life and aspirations: If they’re “woke,” they probably are satisfied with everybody being smarter than them because they’re resigned to mediocrity. If they’re confident they’re the brightest bulb in the room, that’s great for those with higher aspirations (although it does raise the question, “What, then, are they doing in Yuma?”) So, to be safe, I’d go with no. 3; at the very least, it’s lack of clarity (e.g., like you in what way?) should keep your mental health in check and avoid the necessity of dealing with real estate agents and a trip to U-Haul. Tell your grandkid if he’s looking for professional representation, I work for food.

  2. Thank you, Joe.
    I’ll let Aron know where he can find cheap, high quality professional representation should he need to fire his Uncle John, but then I probably won’t be able to afford his licensing fees any more. 😎

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