Why I Hate Computers, Part Two . . .

You think I’m paranoid for posting yesterday that computers “hate” me and would like to kill me if I don’t first terminate them, but admit it, my use of the word “terminate” sent a shiver down your spine, didn’t it?

But even if computers aren’t out to get me (and YOU too), they sure aren’t the wonderful “labor saving” devices that someone once sold them to us to be, are they?

Was life really so hard for the millennia that we somehow managed as a species to live without them?

It takes an army of ever increasingly ubiquitous IT priests to service them for us, doesn’t it? You can’t walk anywhere without tripping over one, can you? That is, until your computer malfunctions and you actually need an IT priest, huh? Then good luck finding one who can help you in less that 24 hours for that task that’s due in an hour!

And God forbid you should ever forget your password and find yourself up shoot creek! Only I bet you don’t say “shoot” when it happens, do you?

I forget my password as soon as I make it. I have ADHD, remember? I could write it down, but then the same crooks who are trying to hack into my computer might break into my house to find the piece of paper on which I’ve scribbled down my password and placed somewhere that I’ll sure as hell never remember where I hid it!

No . . . now that computers are here among us, just like a good woman, ya can’t live with ‘em, and ya can’t live without ‘em!

All of which puts me in mind of a great song . . .

2 responses to “Why I Hate Computers, Part Two . . .”

  1. You forgot to say even if you write it down, you will forget, as I do, where you put the scrap of paper!

  2. I DID say that, Mary, but not as well as you just did! 😎

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