New Wine

“Heal me, my Savior!”

“What a pansy-ass, crying in public for salvation!”

Yeah, I know it might look like that to some, but I ask you what I ask myself, “What are YOU doing to make the world a better place?”

What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?

I’m waiting to hear you tell me, “WHAT?”

C’mon, Big Shot Big Mouth . . . we’re ALL waiting to hear you tell us, “WHAT?”

You may as well use that flap of skin and muscle to pray, huh, instead of disrespecting the people who do?

“I’m a struggler!”

The way things are shaping up in this ol’ world and in each of our lives here in it, The Way of the One Who said He was “The Way, The Truth, and The Life” looks better to me than anything there is.

“I thank You, Good Lord, but . . . “

Thank You for picking me up and, even, carrying me when I fall down or fall away.

“Radiant in the Gaze of your Lover King!”

I know . . . some people laughed at King David dancing before his Savior too.

I’m not laughing.

Are you?

One response to “New Wine”

  1. On a fast read and without listening to the accompanying music, a good friend thought this post was about Christian political activism because of my question that I asked the reader and myself, “What are YOU doing to make the world a better place?” Oh my goodness! Nothing could be further from my intent. This post is about my personal journey to become more and more like Jesus Christ. THAT, in itself, will “make the world a better place” as it makes me a better person. Jesus doesn’t jive with politics or saving societies, I think . . . only saving souls.

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