We SHALL Overcome!

On this national holiday, I’m thinking of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and also my old law school classmate Joe Rogers who could deliver King’s “I Have A Dream” speech just like King, which he did once in the rotunda of the Arizona State University College Of Law after calling all the students and professors to gather round to listen and remember and then after that he led us all in a chorus of “We Shall Overcome!”

This happened in 1987 during the political battle in my home state of Arizona to honor Dr. King and also our nation’s struggle for civil rights with a state holiday to match the national holiday that was just as hard fought over and only finally achieved almost two decades after King’s assassination.

Like King, Joe Rogers died too young . . . and like his hero, he was a GOOD man! 

Here’s to good men and women and to good will between us all and to the joyful certainty that we SHALL overcome some Day!

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