When I’m Sixty Six

Tomorrow I turn sixty six years old.

Last night, I re-watched “A Few Good Men” and dreamed that my friend who is a colonel in the United States Marines visited Karen and me with his family, including his Mom and Dad who are our age.

In my dream, my friend’s Dad was also a USMC colonel and was played by Jack Nicholson. In real life, my friend’s Dad is a farmer in Indiana. Unlike Col. Jessup in the movie, my friend’s Dad was nice but still intimidating.

When my friend’s Dad inspected my bedroom and saw the psychedelic poster of a marijuana leaf with the words “SMOKE POT” emblazoned on it in groovy ’60s balloon lettering, I was kind of embarrassed.

My friend’s Dad stared at my poster for a second and just said, “Huh!”

I wanted to crawl away somewhere and die.

What do you suppose this all means?

2 responses to “When I’m Sixty Six”

  1. I thinking Jessup’s dad is thinking, “It all makes sense now,” and is wondering if his son is too old to forbid him from hanging around with you.

  2. I know. “Bad company,”huh!
    I never corrupted my friend’s morals that I know of, but, alas, his good example never improved mine either that I can see. 😎

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