Can YOU Dig It?

Today I am 66 years old.

“How the hell did THAT happen?” I ask myself.

I look in the mirror and wonder . . .

“Is YOU an old man . . . or is you an old woman . . . ‘cuz I forget!”

But somewhere between my father giving me a “Y” chromosome and my mother giving me an “X” chromosome until now, I got born, raised right, lost my way, got found by my possibly imaginary Friend, got born again, saw the face of my future beautiful bride, fell in love with her, got married, added a “Y” to her “X” one night to make our son, then later added an “X” to her “X” one beautiful Sunday afternoon while our three year old son napped to make our daughter, got my law degree, got a job, worked a lot, walked our daughter down the aisle in the church we attended, held our grandson, held our granddaughter, retired, went back to work, worked a lot more some more, traveled with my beautiful bride as much as possible more than we ever did when we were young and penniless, celebrated my birthday yesterday with her, our kids, and grandkids in the park by what’s left of the once-mighty Colorado River in Yuma, Arizona, where we all live, took the day off from work today which will still be there tomorrow, both the job and the work, and today REJOICED with the wife of my youth!

Can you DIG IT?



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