We buried Karen’s Uncle Walt yesterday in all our memories.

This morning, it’s forty two degrees in Phoenix as I write this from a hotel balcony overlooking a happy place in our lives where Karen and I have made so many memories together just us two and also sometimes with our family and friends.

Forty two . . . like the number of years we’ve been married, Karen and me.

How many more happy times have we left here in this happy place . . . or just here period?

God only knows.

I just finished reading the end of the beginning in my large print Bible . . . large print because I too am near the end of my beginning.

I hope when I die, I go like the patriarch Joseph did and, for that matter, like my Daddy did who had the same name . . . fulfilled in life and having accomplished all our Father had planned for us . . . and at peace with everyone . . . even those who tried to do us wrong . . .

but God turned to good!

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  1. Joseph is a type of my possibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ, who gives us the Life we don’t deserve instead of the death that we do. I think that Genesis 50: 19-21 is one the most beautiful passages in the Bible . . . and, even, in all human literature.

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