Book Ends

I needed some bookends for my Bible and devotionals table in our living room.

This beautiful old lady at The Bargain Spot in Downtown Yuma, Arizona, had a set of what she termed “pre-Columbian artwork” that she said she could sell me for $50.

I didn’t mind the price, but I told her that I found the pair a tad bit homely and that “my wife might kill me.”

“She can only do that once,” she deadpaned.

As I laughed, she added, “I think they might be valuable.”

I bought the ugly bookends

The old saleslady WAS VERY GOOD! 😜

2 responses to “Book Ends”

  1. I have a whole pile of rocks–I mean, Mesopotamian bookends–I will sell you for $20 ea. I hope you at least got BOTH of them for 50!

    1. Deal! But I want a lot price on your pile of Mesopotamian rocks. And I did get both of our bookends for $50, and Karen loved them too, or at least she didn’t kill me . . . not even once.

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