Happily Nostalgic

Is it only nostalgia, I wondered in a text with a friend who also changed churches with her husband back in rural Illinois because she said that they just “wanted church to be church again.”

Our friend’s former pastor was preaching what sounded like heresy to our Biblically literate friends who tried to work through the matter at their now former church but couldn’t.

At our now former church, the preaching and teaching is always Rock solid and the people are wonderful . . . but yet . . .

Part of it was that I always thought that I wanted to be in a church that was well run with great preaching and teaching and excellent “hands & feet of Jesus” ministries and wonderful praise music in worship and . . .

Be careful what you wish for, huh?

I guess what Karen and I really wanted was . . . ORANGE PEWS!

Lots and lots and lots of ugly and empty ORANGE PEWS . . . and a “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy laden” God-given desire to see them filled with needy people of every age and sort!

Our friend texted me, “Hope you’re happy.”

I texted back, “I’m ALWAYS happy!”

After all . . . I’m thehappynarcissist.com

Ain’t I?

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  1. I’ve tried to tell my sister, Suzi Q, that Joan Baez wrote “Diamonds & Rust” for ME, but she doesn’t believe it.

    1. In 1975, “Diamonds & Rust” hit the airwaves at the same time that my first girlfriend broke my heart . . . the heart that I didn’t know that I had. Listening to this melancholy remembrance by Joan Baez of her old love, presumably Bob Dylan, I imagined the day years in the future when my old flame would think of me and realize too late what she had once foolishly thrown away and say to herself in an old lover’s grief like Baez does of Dylan, “Yes, I loved you dearly!”

      Did someone say, “Narcissist?” Maybe just a little, huh!

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