Nowhere Man

Do you know what an algorithm is?

Yeah, me neither.

But apparently, they are controlling our minds . . .

or trying to.

From what I’m told or read, algorithms have been engineered into the very device on which you are reading this post, and they are turning us into extensions of themselves, making us into machines that do their bidding, usually just to consume things and time, which make some people somewhere very rich and, presumably, happy.

In other words, algorithms are making us all into “Nowhere” men and women.

Do you want to be a “Nowhere Man” or woman?

I don’t.

Even way back in 1965 when I first heard the song on somebody’s transistor radio being played one lovely summer day at the public swimming pool on McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersy where our Dad was stationed between his twin tours to Vietnam in 1964 and 1968 to combat the Communism there that threatened to enslave us all and I was drawn into the hypnotic harmonies and melodies of the Beatles’ beautiful and too prescient song, I knew even as an eight-year-old boy that I NEVER wanted to be a “Nowhere Man.”

But guess what?

I AM a “Nowhere Man” . . . or I almost am if I’m not yet.

And guess what too?

So are YOU.

If it’s not too late, Dear Reader, WHAT can we do to escape our fates?

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