Yesterday I confessed that I AM a “Nowhere Man.”

Or, at least, I almost am a “Nowhere Man,” because of all the algorithms out there and in here in these damned digital devices that are trying to turn me into nothing more than a consumer of things and precious time.

I also broached the topic as gently as I could that YOU TOO, Dear Readers, are also turning into “Nowhere” men and women for the same reason.

I ended the post asking, “What can we do to escape our fates?”

My sweet sister Suzi Q texted me a little later after I published yesterday’s post to remind me, “As long as you have a point of view and know where you are going to YOU are NOT a “Nowhere Man!”



HOW in the world did I forget THAT Truth?

This morning Karen and I are going to our new old church, and we are going to have soooooooo many opportunities there to become like our possibly imaginary Friend, Jesus Christ, and less like “Nowhere” men and women!

I was told by someone who should know, the church secretary no less, that the congregation at our new old church consists these days of a handful of old people and the relatively young pastor and his family.

Well, “Praise the LORD!” We got a Pastor!

And “Praise the LORD!” again, because my beautiful bride and I are “old people,” and the Bible is chock full of stories about how God does His best Work with broken down “old people!”

The young families and children will come. How do I know that?

Because we will invite them . . .

and they won’t be able to resist the Love of Jesus Christ!

Anyway, that’s my “point of view.”

And now, if you’ll excuse me, we gotta get ready to GO TO CHURCH!

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  1. “Little more like mercy, little more like grace…” I love that song. 🎶🎼🎵

    1. And less “Nowhere Man,” huh! 😇❤️

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