Home Boy (& Girl)

At the end of our new Pastor Gene Washburne’s excellent message this morning at Morningside Baptish Church in Yuma, Arizona, Karen and I went forward for membership.

Pastor Gene jokingly mentioned that it’s a fairly strenuous process to become a member that few succeed in achieving, to which my beautiful bride of almost forty-three years volunteered that SHE would make it, but couldn’t guarantee that I would, to which I said, “She ain’t lyin’.”

We may as well start out our new relationships with honesty.


But . . . well . . . for however long this one lasts . . . WE’RE HOME!

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  1. While the church sang the invitational, I whispered to Karen, “I’m going forward for membership.” Karen said, “I thought we’d attend here a couple of times before we did that.” I said, “I’m ready. You don’t have to go forward, but I’m goin’.” Karen said, “How would THAT look if you went up alone?” “Let’s go then,” I said, and so we did. By the way, here’s my favorite Eric Church song that perfectly describes my beautiful bride, “(She Loves Me) Like Jesus Does.” https://youtu.be/QT8vo1hyJY0

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