Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Today in my Bible reading, I read this surreal thing.

I must have read it before in the many times that I’ve read the Bible, but I didn’t remember doing so until I noticed it this morning.

Most people have either read or, more likely, remember the story from the movie “The Ten Commandments” or from hearing the story in Sunday School about Moses going up Mt. Sinai to get the two tablets of stone from the LORD with some suggestions from God about how we should live our lives. Right?



Did I just write “suggestions” from God?

Ooops! Massive Freudian slip, huh?

Anyway, how many people know about the party that the LORD had with the seventy elders of Israel and Moses up on the top of Mt. Sinai where real live human beings actually “saw the God of Israel” . . . and lived!

But wait!

I thought that somewhere in the Bible it says that no human being can see God’s Face and live.

Doesn’t it say that somewhere there in this most unique collection of books in all of human literature?

This passage in Exodus kind of reminds me of the last book in the collection of books that some people term “The Holy Bible,” wherein a guy some call “John of Patmos” saw the Resurrected and Glorified Jesus Christ, and it scared the hell out of him!

It also reminds me of what a friend of mine once said that he thought when he had first read that book, “The Revelation of Jesus Christ,” often misnamed “Revelations,” one of the most surreal books in all the Bible . . . or, even, in all of human literature.

My friend said he thought that John of Patmos or “Saint John the Divine,” as some call him, had dropped acid.

You know lysergic acid diethylamide or “LSD.”

I don’t believe that about John of Patmos, who some scholars believe was the aged Apostle John, the one whom Jesus had prophesied would not see death until he saw Jesus again after Jesus soon ascended into Heaven . . . another surreal scene too, by the way.

And I don’t believe that Moses and the Elders of Israel were all stoned up on Mt. Sinai . . .

but that’s a clever pun, is it not?

But anyway . . . at least I’m reading my Bible, huh!

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